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Ages 5 and up!


To help parents who need to work!


Drop your children off for a great day on the farm with animals, pony rides, unicorn decorating and brushing, crafts and fun!


Kids can be dropped for an hour or all day!


Also offering schedules for full weeks with discount!


Open 7 days. 7am-6pm.

$25 hr per child/$10 hr per additional child.

Unicorn Hours!



We have a new little white unicorn named “AMERICA”!!!

Come bedazzle her!!!!  Brush her, make her mane and tail all purple or pink!! Even put braids in if you like and decorate her with colorful bows and ribbons, hand paint her and apply glitter colors on her hooves!


You can even bathe her if you wish!  We have safe non-toxic washable colors for a super fun time!!!

1 hour - Up to 4 kids - $100


Family Fun Hour

The Little Red Barn Family Fun Hour is a fun hands-on introduction of our farm for the children and families to sit and play with baby bunnies, kid goats, see piggies, baby chicks, brush, decorate &  ride a small pony (rides only for the little kids under 60lbs) and go home with a gift! 😊


It is a fantastic opportunity to have family photos and videos of your children outdoors on a beautiful 40 acre private farm!😊

It's too cold to keep Baby Bunnies and Chicks now but come Spring we will have lots of them! 😍

You are welcome to always stay longer on the Farm and book different activities back to back! 😊


Family Visits can extend to 2 or 3 hours! 


You also have the option of an extra  half hour or hour for relaxing  afterwards in a private  setting at your own table! Private tables are always available to have a Family Picnic, bring a cooler, or order/pick up Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, on the way, from our amazing local North Fork Restaurants and Delis!


Or order Delivery Service from your Favorite place to the Farm! 😊


While adding extra time on the farm for the kids with our animals and ponies!! 🦄🐇🐐🐷🐰🐥


1 Hour - Family Fun Hour



4 kids included (no charge for adults) 

$25 per each additional child

Book additional time with ponies

and animals!!

Extra 30 min-$50

Extra hour-$75


Private Picnic Tables Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

1/2 Hr-$50

1 Hr-$100


$25 Deposit for the Family Fun Hours/Picnic

Balance due Venmo, cc or cash at the end!😊


Great for your child’s small Birthday gatherings!🎉🦄

Teen with Horse -





Ages 13 and up!


Teens can meet up, eat, play with the horses, animals, bring towels and lay out in the sun ️ and play in their phones!


Do Tik-Tocks on the farm! Whatever!


All 6 feet apart! 

Private Family Hours

All Ages!

Calling Kids, parents, even Grandparents LOVE our very special family time on the farm!


You can bring munchies, lunch, appetizers even a bottle of wine and enjoy it at a place picnic table surrounded by horses and beauty!


Come take all your videos and pictures of your kids sitting and petting baby bunnies, kid goats, and our pig! Everyone can brush a pony and decorate their manes with colorful bows! Children get a fun pony ride and a little gift from our gift basket to go home with!


Adults free!


1 Hour-$100

1 1/2 Hours-$150

2 Hrs-$175


(1 hour Farm Tour and then enjoy our picnic tables and bring snacks, lunch or a bottle of wine and cheese and have a Happy Hour!)

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